Yes. We work with clients who supply their own plans and can either work directly off the plan and/or offer to sit with our architects to custom design your home.

Some documents to provide are:

  • House plans

  • Engineering

  • Soil report

  • Specifications

  • Energy report

If you do not have this documentation, the team at MHR Builders can assist or guide you in obtaining these.

Yes. We have all the necessary insurances and licensing as required to operate as a building business and to provide security for your build.

Depending on the stage of the change you are considering we can offer to make changes/variations.

We will carry out our own internal quality assurance inspections and always are happy to offer reasonable site meetings of your choice.

The answer is simple. We truly care about your vision! We have worked with many clients over the years and have perfected the building process, so while we are confident that we can provide you with quality and a seamless process, we also go the extra mile in really valuing you, keeping open communication throughout the journey and really listening to what it is that you want.

We offer 6 month maintenance warranty from hand over along with 6.5 year structural warranty on all our builds.

Definitely. All works over $16,000 in value require insurance, which is why it is important to use a licensed builder.

Any works over $10,000 in value or structural works require a permit which can only be executed if the primary contractor is licensed. Any works over $16,000 in value not only require a permit, but also home warranty insurance – hence why it is very important that your builder or tradesman is licensed.

Building Permits are required to verify the registration and insurance of a building practitioner, to regulate all documentation, ensure all stages of works have been met in the Building Legislation, and to ensure compliance with the Building Code of Australia, The Building Act 1993 and the Building Regulations 2018.